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Two of the four ingredients needed for Beer

Malt and yeast are needed to brew beer. We get the sugars needed from the malt and the yeast does the job of turning those sugars into alcohol.  Water and hops are also needed when brewing beer.  Hops give the beer its bitterness and aroma depending on when they are added during the brewing proces.  Last but not least you need water. We are lucky living in Colorado Springs. The water out of the tap is good enough to brew with. Are you able to brew with your tap water or are you brewing with bottled water?


Step 4 – Hop Schedule

Once at a rolling boil start your timer at 60 minutes.  Hops need to boil for a specific amount of time.  The hop schedule varies from recipe to recipe.  Some hops boil for the full 60 minutes while others are added at the last 10 to 5 minutes.

A beer prescription? Beer can fight against cold-causing virus

Another excuse to drink beer.  FOX News reported this and at the end of the story they say “person would have to drink 12 ounces – or about 30 cans”, those are some small beers!!

A beer prescription? Beer can fight against cold-causing virus | Fox News.


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