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Top 5 Resources We Use to Brew Beer

The internet is a wealth of information on brewing beer.  Over the years we have found these resources to be very useful in learning how to brew beer.

1.  BeerSmith – www.beersmith.com  

The creator of BeerSmith has an awesome website with how to videos, recipes, a forum section, podcasts and most importantly the BeerSmith software.  The software allows you to build recipes, brew those recipes and keep notes on all of them.

2.  Clone Brews

Tess and Mark Szamatulski have put together recipes for 200 commercial beers.  We have not brewed one of these clone recipes yet, but have used many of them as inspiration for creating our own recipes.

3.  Twitter and #homebrewchat

Every Tuesday at 7pm MST @springsbrewcrew hosts #homebrewchat.  Questions are asked about home brewing and everyone learns from each other and shares best practices.

4.  American Homebrewers Association

The American Homebrewers Association is another great resource of information.  There website has everything from learning the basics, events that are coming up, competitions and a list of local home brewing clubs in your area.

5.  Blogs

Scour the internet for beer blogs.  There are to many to list here but there are plenty of them.  You will find blogs on brewers just starting up, advanced brewers and large corporate brewers.  The bloggers are blogging about there day to day activities and what they have learned.  Many of these bloggers are video bloggers as well and have excellent videos posted to their sites on things they have learned.

Well there you have it.  5 resources that we have used over the years to help us improve on our home brew.  We hope you found them helpful.

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